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Activity / Event
09/30/2023 - 9AM 2-Tank Wreck Trek
Time: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
Price: $110.00 per person
Boat / Location
Republic VII [Jupiter Dive Center]
 2-Tank Wreck Trek Dive

Explore the Jupiter area on a 2-tank dive. The first dive will be 70 to 95 feet deep on the famous Jupiter Wreck Trek. The second dive may be on a different wreck or on a beautiful reef between 60 and 80 feet. For your dive adventure the captain will pick dive sites according to dive conditions on the day of the dive. 

Jupiter Dive Center requires divers to be Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certified on all Wreck Trek charters.

If you are not Advanced Open Water Certified, you can hire a private guide or take the Advanced Open Water Course.

Call for additional information on the above requirements.


Please note:

·       Each diver must dive with a buddy.

·       All divers must dive within your certification level.

·       The diving price does not include tanks.

·       Weights are available on the boat for your use.

·       Please arrive at the store 1 hour prior to boat departure.

·       Each diver must have a surface marker buoy and computer.

·       For your safety, if you have not been diving within the last 12 months, you will need to hire a private guide or take a refresher course.